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Welcome to UDI - Calgary

What do we believe in?

  • Calgary is the model for smart growth in North America
  • Consumers require choice in communities and homes.
  • The development community exceeds innovation expectations.
  • There are benefits to new communities.
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How to Build a Great City, by the  Smarter Growth Initiative

Recent News

Biggest Threat to Our Economy is Fear

Do not feed the fears — that was the bottom line message on Alberta’s economy, delivered by ATB economist Todd Hirsch to a gathering of residential construction executives last week. “I think that when we’re deali... Read the full story

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Smarter growth conversation

By 2041, the Calgary region is expected to be home to 2.4 million people.

With the current record-breaking pace adding 40,000 new residents per year, one of the big questions is where all those new people are going t... Read the full story

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Growth initiative lays out the facts

Growth will be the biggest story in Calgary in 2014.

It is the Smarter Growth Initiative, a collaboration between the Urban Development Institute-Calgary (UDI) and Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Calgary Region (CHB... Read the full story

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Calgary Herald Op Ed: Huntingford: City holds the tools to easing housing crunch

Housing crunch? Absolutely. Is there a fix? Absolutely. And Calgary’s developers and home builders are committed to be a part of it. Both Calgary’s mayor and Alberta’s premier were right in their comments abou... Read the full story

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MGA Issues & Recommendations Presented to: The Government of Alberta

Prepared by: Urban Development Institute (UDI) - Calgary (June 13th, 2014)

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Inclusionary Zoning

A new document prepared by CHBA Calgary Region provides information on the recently discussed issue of inclusionary zoning and it's use in Calgary.

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Community Social Improvements (CSI)
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