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Welcome to UDI - Calgary

What do we believe in?

  • Calgary is the model for smart growth in North America
  • Consumers require choice in communities and homes.
  • The development community exceeds innovation expectations.
  • There are benefits to new communities.
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UDI-Calgary/CHBA-Calgary Region
Merger Design Project

Why are we exploring a merger?

Strong voice, united message
Stakeholders feel that the Industry requires a stronger voice. A unified organization with a clear message and multiple member’s voices could be more effective in advocating for its members.

Strength in numbers
Stakeholders feel that an organization with greater human and financial resources could be more effective in advocating for their interests. An organization with greater resource capacity and a greater membership base could develop a ‘critical mass’, which could draw in other associations, increasing the strength of the organization.

Consolidating industry
Stakeholders feel that UDI-Calgary and CHBA-Calgary will be required to respond to changing market conditions that result in a consolidating building industry. Many members are already involved with both organizations, and a proactive response to industry consolidation through a merger could benefit membership.

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Recent News

2015 Civic Census

New this year, the Civic Census is now available online.

Access codes were delivered to Calgary residents in March. If you did not receive one or have misplaced it, please call 403- 476-4100 (Option 3) or... Read the full story

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2015 Alberta Election Candidates for Calgary and Area

This list contains links for Facebook and Twitter accounts only and does in no way reflect the views of UDI-Calgary. We encourage you to search the Internet for more complete information on each candidate.

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Provincial Election Affects All Homeowners

Saying the May 5 election is the most important in Alberta’s history may be overstating it, but there is no denying its importance.

At stake is approval of a budget that some in my circle of acquaintan... Read the full story

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There May Be Light at the Bottom of the Barrel

Here’s what you do know: The low price of oil has taken Alberta’s roller-coaster economy on a downward spiral.

What you may not know is how did we get here and what happens going forward.

For ... Read the full story

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Biggest Threat to Our Economy is Fear

Do not feed the fears — that was the bottom line message on Alberta’s economy, delivered by ATB economist Todd Hirsch to a gathering of residential construction executives last week.

“I think that when w... Read the full story

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Smarter Growth Conversation

By 2041, the Calgary region is expected to be home to 2.4 million people.

With the current record-breaking pace adding 40,000 new residents per year, one of the big questions is where all those new people are... Read the full story

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Growth Initiative Lays Out the Facts

Growth will be the biggest story in Calgary in 2014.

It is the Smarter Growth Initiative, a collaboration between the Urban Development Institute-Calgary (UDI) and Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Calgary R... Read the full story

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Calgary Herald Op Ed: Huntingford: City holds the tools to easing housing crunch

Housing crunch? Absolutely. Is there a fix? Absolutely. And Calgary’s developers and home builders are committed to be a part of it. Both Calgary’s mayor and Alberta’s premier were right in their comments abou... Read the full story

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MGA Issues & Recommendations Presented to: The Government of Alberta

Prepared by: Urban Development Institute (UDI) - Calgary (June 13th, 2014)

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Inclusionary Zoning

A new document prepared by CHBA Calgary Region provides information on the recently discussed issue of inclusionary zoning and it's use in Calgary.

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Community Social Improvements (CSI)
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015 Luncheon
Guest Speaker Donna Livingstone

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